The Collaboratory moves ideas to action by providing infrastructure for people and organizations to collaboratively develop community initiatives and enterprises that generate new economic, civic and creative opportunities and value. The result is a healthier, more thriving region.

The Collaboratory is a physical place, located at 118 W. First Street Suite 5 (Talbott Tower). It is designed for 

interaction and ideation, with three collaboration spaces and 40 feet of white board. In addition, we have three PROACTIVE areas of activity, all of which unleash potential and move ideas to action:


Community R & D Department

•  Developing prototypes and pilot projects—COMMUNITY INITIATIVES AND ENTERPRISES—that generate new 

    economic, civic and creative value in the region. R & D Departments are mission-critical to growing communities, too.


Think/Action Tank

•  Identifying and exposing Dayton organizations to best-in-class programs from around the world, and seeking out 

    implementation opportunities.

•  Initiating and facilitating transformational conversations around new opportunities for residents and existing organizations. 

•  Providing thought-leadership and offering new perspectives, contexts, frameworks and language around community-based 



Community Initiative/Enterprise Accelerator

•  Not unlike the Reference/Help Desk at the Library, people are constantly being directed or finding their way to The 

   Collaboratory. We provide counsel and support in the following areas:

        -  Visioning:     We help people think through where they are and where they want to go.

        -  Planning:      We use the Agile Planning Canvas to help develop action plans to realize the vision. 

        -  Connecting: As a result of our broad and diverse network, we are able connect individuals with the right people and 

                                  organizations to help them implement their plans and realize their vision.



“Nobody in the country is doing what you are doing. Every community needs a Collaboratory.”  

                - Jay Williams, Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development

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